Blogging is Still the Wild Frontier

I just looked at the date of the last post here at CBJ and it was July 13, 2018. So, it’s been over a year since I’ve written a post here. Not the best marketing strategy, yet here I am, writing another post to keep the blog alive and give any readers out there hope the author is still alive and in the same blogging mind.

Of course, blogging is something I think about all the time. Having created the perfect blogs for every article I could imagine to write, I constantly think of articles and topics I could write about — if only I had the time is usually the culprit I point to, and not without reason, still, the blogs go un-published and my ideas are seemingly lost in the daily routine of modern slavery.

Specifically, God has opened the door and I’ve been working as a greenskeeper for the last 5 months. Golfing is one of my passions and lawn care is one of my trades, the match has been great, especially since I get free golf at two of Oregon’s finest courses.

Besides details and life matters taking me away from blogging, I also have to confess the sheer procrastination involved when the ideas are more prosperous than the tangible writing workload. This is part of learning how to be a long-term blogger, that is, how to pace yourself.

Mostly, this involves the voice of the blog. For example, when I first started I used CBJ as a journal to write whatever thoughts I had that day, etc. While this helped me be more productive writing posts, I found the voice of the blog was lost in the shuffle. I also learned it’s better to put some thought and work into an article, rather than just flippant thoughts for the sake of adhering to a published blog schedule.

Hey, every blogger has their own style and way of getting ‘er done. I’m just grateful God has given me a place to publish when I do get around to finally writing an article. And, while I could have practically written this article with ease 12 months ago, the sincere truth is it took me about 13 months, making this a 13-month work in progress article, finished at the last moment, that is, now.

Basically, what happened is I narrowed the focus of this blog to only posts about blogging. CJB is my most narrow blog when it comes to the subject matter. Sometimes, I need a place to talk about blogging, and non-bloggers just don’t get it. Besides, it’s my hope to encourage blogging without guile, without pretension, and without cookie-cutter recipes of success.

Blogging to me is still the wild frontier, the amazing Yukon of freelance writing. In the Oregon Territory, I can reach the world and not even have to pay for the platform (still using the free subdomain on most of my blogs).

Blogging allows a myriad of expression and combines the widest array of talents and art forms. Business-minded bloggers and abstract poets alike can blog their hearts away to the world at large.

While blogging is something I enjoy, it does take sacrifice and the willingness to endure scant accolades from the deep, heartfelt discourse given to kindred humanity, connected on this strange rock powered device. We never know what door God will open; there surely is a reason for these efforts Christian bloggers, be encouraged.

Write and think on friends, pray, and read the KJV Holy Bible, and blog when you get the time. God bless in Jesus.

Originally Published at Christian Blogger’s Journal Aug. 24, 2019