(written around Sept. 2016)

Consider lightly what others think of you (truly or falsely), even and especially those who are close. Be humble and receive correction if applicable, yet let not condemnation be placed upon you, as it’s God’s forgiveness and favor we seek and that matters.

Guilt is the weapon of the adversary and condemnation comes on the strongest when we stop fearing the judgment of others.

I know who I am in Christ Jesus; others can speak evil and condemn me to my face, behind my back, or in their minds, yet this doesn’t change who I am in Christ Jesus.

The only power condemnation has is my own willful sins and any fear of what people think — fear of what may be…, yet if know who am in Christ Jesus, there is no doubt of who I am and who I’m not.

If people want to think badly of me because I don’t meet their standards or expectations, that’s their problem and not mine. Conversely, if they want to think too highly of me because of some stature in this world, equally, that’s their problem and not mine.

When one follows the Lord without fear, they become a target of the hatred and lies of those that are not right with the Lord, of whom condemn and persecute those true and sincere believers in the Holy Bible (inspired versions, incl. KJV 1611AV), which was made flesh and dwelt among us: Jesus Christ.

DO NOT FEAR what others may or do think or say, do not take to heart lies and condemnation.

When the demons realize you won’t fear anymore, they’ll turn up the heat and do everything possible to destroy.

Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and do not fear their threats and manipulations. Always return to the peace and understanding of our loving Savior for help; read the Word and pray to Jesus for comfort, assurance, and guidance during the tribulation.

When one stops being a subject to sin and fear, they’ll be viciously attacked by the enemy; don’t fear this trouble, rather stay strong and fear not the circumstances even if all seems lost and destroyed.

Even if fear is justified and logical in the natural man, walk in the Spirit and bypass its temptation to despair — there’s no use in giving in to fear, as Christians don’t need to save our lives and stuff here in this temporary world.

Fear is our enemy; it’s up to every individual to choose to not be subject to its power and condemnation. Fear hath torment and brings that which we fear to life.

Let people think and say what they might, this has no bearing on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Truth.

Our sincere personal relationship with the Lord Jesus is the only thing that really matters, everything else reflects this relationship. For instance, people may think you’re: (fill in the blanks) _______,______,_____, etc. Basically, the enemy will falsely accuse us of the very thing we are not, yet are afraid people will think of us.

This restricts our ability to live freely in the Lord, as we either consciously or subconsciously try to prove them wrong.

Who cares what they think, allow them to think what they may, this is their problem, not mine.

When the enemy working through those who are close to us realize they can’t manipulate us with condemnation and lies anymore, they will work to destroy and cause chaos and ruin — the person they work through will manifest through their carnality (worldliness); even if Christian, if they aren’t walking closely in the Spirit and slip into a carnal mind — the old man.

Pray, fast, put on the armor of God, do spiritual warfare (bind, loose, cast out, rebuke, cancel, cover with the sinless blood of Jesus Christ, etc. ), read the Word and don’t fear the outcome, as giving place to fear, condemnation, and lies will be worse than the destruction and ruin that may come (usually a bluff and illusion anyway), including homelessness, divorce, death, loss of things, loss of job, someone close dies, etc.
Remember, perfect love casteth out all fear.

God has given me this insight/revelation, and the peace that comes with it. It’s precious indeed, praise Jesus for all good things and being the Good Shephard to all his saints.


Originally published at Jesus Loves Ministry Oct. 17 2019

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