The Lowdown Truth Show #20: The Overly Stimulated American Culture



This episode discusses the dangers of online technology concerning social conditioning. The convenience and allurement of online technology are very real and powerful, yet are they worth the long-term negative effects? And what are these long-term negative effects?

Most people aren’t asking the question: “Is technology necessary for human progress?”

I think the case could be made that online technology is making our personal lives and society worse, rather than improving them.

While online technology could be used to improve humanity, this totally depends on the intentions of those who rule the world. Unfortunately, those who rule this Beast system are working for Satan, as he is the ruler of this world.

The overly stimulated American culture is rapidly being brainwashed into the NWO social engineering agenda. The orchestrated online world, cable television, Hollywood, sports, controlled opposition, education, politics, music, and media at large, is designed to over-stimulate society in order to:

– destroy family, friend, and community relationships

– create a false perception of reality

– create split personalities in people

– distract people with entertainment and socialization

– eliminate contemplative thought

– replace answers from family/mentors/friends with online answers

– create total dependence upon online reality

– influence people into their agenda (new age, false science, LGBT, Anti-Christ)

– create confusion with news (people can’t keep up with events)

These are some of the reasons why the NWO are creating an overly stimulated American culture; ultimately, it’s helping the NWO reach their main objective of complete and absolute control over the world.

They’ll use online technology to facilitate this control; the Mark of the Beast will be the main control tool they’ll use. Without the mark, people won’t be able to buy or sell — they won’t be allowed to log in to their online accounts; they’ll be completely cut out of the online world, which means they won’t be able to bank, rent or buy a home, apply for a job, buy a car, etc.

Eventually, being online won’t be a choice for people, as everything will be facilitated through online technology in some manner. Already, in 2019, this is nearly a reality.

The over-stimulation is speeding everything up (at least with our perceptions). People don’t have time to watch, read, or do all the things they want to. There’s always something to fill our time with, which is causing people to neglect and forget about their real-life relationships and communities, etc.

This episode and these thoughts are meant to help people critically think about the negative impact of online technology. I’m not immune to the allurements and pleasures that the online world offers, yet I believe it’s the carrot before the horse, drawing us into the slaughterhouse.

That slaughterhouse is living in an Anti-Christ beast system that has total control over every aspect of our lives; where there’s no freedom of conscience and truth is not allowed.

My advice to listeners and readers is to question how online technology is affecting us, as a society and individually, and where it’s leading us. Also, to work towards living independently from online technology and the beast system as much as possible. And, of course, to love and seek the truth always.

Until next time, God bless friends, hope this finds you well.

John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Originally published at The Lowdown Truth Jan. 20, 2019

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