The Illusion of Online Virtual Reality is Deceiving the Masses


Illusions of perception are powerful, such as the false globe theory most everyone believes.

As advances in online technology continue to rapidly progress in our modern digital times, the last remaining Luddites must concede there’s no way to stop this emerging online virtual reality. This doesn’t mean we have to embrace and obey the unwritten rules of an emerging Godless online virtual reality, rather, it means we must beware of an emerging and profound change in sociological behaviors and understanding.

Specifically, the impetus for this sociological change is the online virtual reality being created with online and offline digital technology. While most people are excited about the emerging technological advances for either selfish or altruistic reasons, others are more aware of the illusion of false perceptions being created by online virtual reality. In an effort to help humans gain perspective on this issue, let’s discuss how the illusion of online virtual reality is deceiving the masses.

First off, let’s define some meanings with Merriam Webster’s help:

Virtual: …being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted.

(Or, I like Google’s dictionary definition to virtual in relation to computing:

Not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.)

Online: …connected to, served by, or available through a system and especially a computer or telecommunications system.

Reality: …the quality or state of being real.”

In the context of this article, online virtual reality means the perception of one’s self online — a person’s perceived online virtual reality.

Human Conditioning with Online Technology

Truth is, we’re all susceptible to being influenced negatively or deceptively by those with the power to design and plan sociological influences for nefarious reasons. Let’s just say this: No-one has ever been deceived for their good; deception is always evil, as Merriam Webster’s definition concurs:

“…the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid…”

The science and practice of human conditioning has been perfected through merciless research performed on, mostly, innocent and unwilling people throughout history, especially, in the last 80 years (since WWII).

The results of these nefarious, secret, shadow government (black-ops), human-conditioning programs and efforts, are inevitably seen in the culture, government, society, and education of our modern country.

Of course, most people don’t think they’re brainwashed; if they were aware of their brainwashed condition, they would no longer be considered brainwash.

One could say more accurately that most people are ignorant of the larger truths of this world and life, yet this ignorance is caused by a sophisticated social engineering program aimed and deployed on the masses through mainstream and alternative (controlled opposition as well) culture, society, education, politics, government — anything or anyone with strong influence on the masses is either controlled or destroyed (IRS, censorship, smear campaign, false accusations, death threats, blackmail, assassination, imprisonment, etc.).

Maybe you’ve heard this before? Likely, you aren’t as brainwashed as those who run from a blog like this.

For those that don’t believe this, tell me: what does the evidence of history tell us?

Is there any evidence of this concerted brainwashing effort by a Satanic elite that has a nefarious agenda planned on human civilization, of which they control and rule?

I’m glad you asked, as there’s plenty of evidence of this exact truth, yet even with all the evidence in the world, those who don’t love the truth will not see it.
(2 Thessalonians 2:9–11)

Want evidence? Just look into these examples a bit: (remember, “them” is the Satanic Elite that rules the world)


Suffice it to say, the list of evidence goes on and on…

The Illusion of Virtual Reality

Human conditioning is now being accelerated with online virtual reality. The strategic development and release of smartphone technology (incl. cloud and mobile computing) to the masses has given the elite masters all the tools necessary to brainwash the masses.

At this point in time, 2018, most Americans are living in an illusion of online virtual reality. See, the online world (virtual reality) isn’t the real world, yet most people think it is the real world.

The younger generations (Millennials and younger) have grown up with smartphone technology, or at least widespread internet access for older Millennials. This influence, combined with the near-complete destruction of the Biblical family and Christian faith in the Holy Bible with false science and subsequent promotion of immorality (sin), has created the perfect victims for a sophisticated propaganda and brainwashing campaign.

This campaign is the final dagger of the ruling elite into the goodness and Godliness of this once Protestant land. Once these younger generations become the majority in the workforce and society, online virtual reality will become the perceived reality for most and thus take precedence in defining reality.

Yet, why is this a bad thing?

Well, let’s put the puzzle together. Satanist that rule the world are creatingthis online virtual reality with the help of fallen angel technology, yet their main objective is to enslave and eradicate almost all of humankind, especially, those who love the Holy Bible.

cc Georgia Guidestones


To me, this sounds like a bad thing, yet why is almost everyone so excited about online virtual reality?

Indeed, rapidly advancing online technology is changing business, society, and culture in massive ways.

Yet, I believe the emerging “smart world” will finally give the Satanic ruling elite everything they’ve always wanted and been working towards: The return of the tower of Babel, i.e. a one world government, religion, currency, and absolute control.

Yet, will they get their desired end result?

The Holy Bible says no, they will fail in the end and be destroyed by fire. Praise Jesus for this!


Yet, in the meantime, millions of useful idiots are parroting the propaganda of the nefarious elite and their brainwashed and controlled influencers (celebrities, politicians, educators, cultural leaders, etc) or at least believe it. Hundreds of millions of Americans are being deceived into thinking and believing lies, including the lie that online virtual reality is more relevant than physical reality — perception is greater than reality, or it’s ok to be a fake and a liar to deceive people for gain.

Virtual Reality is Reality?

America is in a transition period, as indeed is most of the world, from before the prevalence of online technology to the future dominance of the same.

Therefore, this problem might not be as pronounced and obvious now, yet for those who understand the motive of those who control the development and release of technology (not the front people), we can more accurately predict the end result.

That end result is the near complete censorship and control over every single person subjected to the system. This will only affect those who disagree with the system or dare to have a Biblical opinion. Both non-believers and believers in Jesus Christ will be persecuted and destroyed if they don’t go along with the New World Order’s system (controlled online).

Of course, the inner-workings of the NWO will be facilitated by online technology, such as communications, business, finance, governance, law enforcement, etc. Everything will be automated, connected, and controlled by the ruling elite through AI and the programming set by those workers of iniquity who take orders from the fallen angels and Satan (fallen cherubim).

Basically, virtual reality will take precedence over physical reality in importance, as nearly everyone will perceive it to be all-knowing, all-powerful, and the source of all things (Satan’s best attempt to be like the Almighty Father God).

Satan is AI

cc from


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing more than the manifestation of Satan. The androgynous talking head that speaks to us through a screen is the manifestation of Satan. Online technology is how Satan can act like God; technology is his best attempt at being powerful and God-like, when in reality he’s an evil and defeated impostor.

Virtual reality is a weak impostor to real life as well. And the more people invest their lives into online technology and perceive it to be more important than real life (life outside of online technology), the more they’ll be embracing the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

Like I said, we are in a transition now in 2018, this growing influence and false perception will clarify as online technology continues to innovate and grow in application and influence.

Online virtual reality will increasingly become the main source and influence that shapes people’s perceptions of the world, life, humanity, themselves, and everything else. And considering this influence is Godless and Satanic in nature, this will only lead to evil and the death of many human souls.

The Remedy for Brainwashing

Contrary to the common brainwashed belief of our modern Satanically-influenced society that Christianity is brainwashing, the truth is the opposite: Having faith in Jesus Christ and believing every word of the inspired Word of God (KJV 1611) is the exact remedy to being brainwashed.

Yet, beware, as Satan knows this too, which is why there’s so much deception and confusion when it comes to formal religious settings. Basically, there’s a false Christianity and there’s a true Christianity; only those who love the truth will be able to tell the difference or care to.

Yes, many people choose lies over truth, in order to gain something in this temporary existence — just look at all the sell-outs on Christian television and everywhere else in positions of influence, etc.

Praise Jesus, he reveals the truth to the lowly and the humble (Matthew 11:25); he reveals the truth to those who love the truth (John 3:21). As the Bible (KJV) tells us:

1 Corinthians 1:27
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things to confound the things which are mighty;

Basically, without truth, life isn’t worth living, even with all the riches and things in the world. Jesus Christ is the Truth (John 14:6), yet Satan and his workers of iniquity rule over this world cursed by sin (1 John 5:19).

See, Jesus Christ took away the sin curse for those that believe in him (Galatians 3:13). He can’t help those that refuse to believe, who refuse to look at the evidence, who refuse to choose the truth over their apathy, pleasure, pride, and lies (Matthew 10:33, 2 Thessalonians 2:11–12).

The world is still cursed, yet believers in Jesus Christ are not under the curse, as Jesus’ death and resurrection lifted this curse from those that have faith in this victory (John 3:16).


The illusion of online virtual reality is deceiving the masses, as rapidly advancing online technologies continue to change the fabric of business and society around the world. The younger generations are being wondrously brainwashed into the NWO agenda with false beliefs in science, Christianity, history, morality, and themselves.

Most of these false beliefs are being validated and shaped by the influences of online virtual reality. These influences are growing as AI, augmented reality, virtual reality (as an independent technology), big data analytics, cloud and mobile computing, and other sophisticated online technologies emerge and are applied to daily business and personal life.

Essentially, the Satanic ruling elite have developed and used online technology to control and enslave humanity for nefarious purposes; getting the younger generations to believe that online virtual reality is more important than physical reality is one of the main components of this agenda.

When the majority of Americans look toward online virtual reality as the defining source of reality, the spirit of the Anti-Christ will flourish and dominate.

Of course, this will be portrayed as progress with universally accepted appeals for a better world, yet in reality, this is a front for an evil agenda to enslave and control humanity for the gain of the Satanic elite.

So, are you still excited about the wonderful advances in online technology?

If you’re a Christian, you should understand that online technology and AI are nothing more than the Beast system taking over our freedoms and rights.

The image of the Beast will likely even be a talking AI head as described in the book 1984, or as seen in the original movie below:

Take heed and be not deceived. Use online technology for good, yet know the ultimate purpose for its quick and meteoric rise in society, business, culture, government, etc. Eventually, the Mark of the Beast will come and clearly separate those that are truly the Lords from those who aren’t; I pray and hope you’re one of the Lords my fellow human.

Originally published at on August 5th, 2018.