What is Reformation Day?

It’s very telling how the seminal beginnings of the Protestant Reformation has been forgotten by the majority of the so-called Protestant churches today. The only mention one can find really is on Family Radio and Seventh Day Adventist networks like 3ABN.

This tells us quite clearly that the counter-reformation was largely successful and we are once again under the tyranny of the Mother Harlot Mystery Babylon that rides the Beast (Roman Catholic Church), and the Anti-Christ Papal power.

Nevertheless, there are still some Protestant Christians left to continue the protest and inform those who have ears to hear the truth.

That’s why I’ve made this video on Reformation Day Oct. 31, 2018, to expose evil and celebrate our Christian heritage, honoring those who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today, all for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so we could have a perfect Holy Bible and be saved by the faith it brings when read and believed.

Thank you Martin Luther and all those who went before and came after, and thank you Father God for sending us your son to die for our sins and rise from the dead so we may have life in heaven forever, after this temporary world passes away.

Here are a couple Protestant movies to commemorate this powerful day in history.



This article was originally published on The Lowdown Truth on Nov. 3rd, 2018