Book Review: They Lived On Human Flesh

This is a book written by Enrique Hank Lopez about an amazing true story that happened less than a year before this book came out. This true story involved 45 people flying to Chili aboard a charter Air Force plane from Uruguay. Most of these people were young men who were part of a Christian Rugby team flying to play a match in Chili.
On October 13th 1972, this airplane crashed into the Andes mountains after the pilot took a mistaken route because of stormy weather. Amazingly, after the plane clipped the peaks of the Andes mountains, the fuselage (main part of the plane) barreled down the mountainside and stopped. 26 of the 45 passengers were still alive after this initial crash. They were now stranded in the middle of the Andes.
That is the beginning of this amazing story, and this book is a very good read for someone who wants to learn more about this tragedy that unfolded. There is a movie written about this called Alive.

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