Solar Eclipse Proves Earth Is Flat

The Greg Anthony Show & His Investigative Journal

Everyone is fixated on the solar eclipse, starting in about an hour.

I am not watching. Why watch the beginning of what the Vatican-led NWO will use to bring about literal darkness in America in more ways than just the sun disappearing for a few fleeting seconds.
What am I taking out of this event?
I have come to the conclusion the solar eclipse is proof positive the Globe Earth model is a NASA fabrication and outright lie.
Auguste Piccard, a scientist in 1931,went up in a balloon 51,775 ft. He stated that the earth looked flat with upturned edges. It was published in the popular science magazine in 1931.
Check out the research on the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse and how it coincides perfectly with a flat earth model. I won’t present it here but have found two short video, quite well done if you open your mind, adding…

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