Making Money Online and the Love of Jesus Christ


     This site is really a quality place, it’s a shame I don’t write here more. As my blog is completely non-monetized, I can feel pure here. No offense to anyone that does make money off their blog. I just don’t have the know how as of yet to begin this phase of my online work. 

      Jesus is good, and is guiding me in the direction I need to go. In this I trust past all fleshly comforts and promises of the imagination. With that said I’m figuring out how to make money writing online. It has been a journey so far, but I must admit it’s been exciting. I don’t get a whole lot of excitement anymore, which is a good thing in reality. Peacefulness inside and the less drama the better, is great rewards in this life of troubles and sorrows. 

     I found a site to work for called Textbroker. This will allow me to write five or so short articles a day and make enough money to make it through the winter with my lawn care business down. The winter is here, it’s below freezing now. To me, this is a great opportunity which I pray will work out. There are other sites like them as well, which I’m going to pick at least one other to guard my job security. 

     As for now I have to learn this AP style format, which is new to me. I am rusty with writing. The Lord is with me though and quickening me for the task. Feels good to learn, just have to be patient with self and do best you can. 

     Another change I’m making is switching most of my work from Squidoo over to Hubpages. Squidoo isn’t getting any traffic and Hubpages is nicer to the eyes. Hubpages is a quality site where I can make money, because it gets good traffic. I gave it a good effort on Squidoo with 6 featured Lenses, but everyday their ranking gets worse and the visits are paltry. I switched my favorite Lens over to Hupages yesterday and already have 27 views and couple comments. At Squidoo I had it there for couple weeks, and it had total of 11 views and no comments. I have to sign up with Google Adsense, and go through some hoops, but I feel good about the move. 

     Now I’m writing for these sites: Hubpages, Bubblews, Allvoices, Squidoo, Yahoo!Contributor, and Texbroker. 

      In addition to these I’m working Inboxdollars, Swagbucks, Amazon Mechanical Turks, Panda Research, and Cash Crate. I did sign up for Sliceofthepie, but I can’t work there cause the rap music is so horrible. If they let me listen to the genre I want, it would be great, but they pick them randomly and I can’t stand rap/ R&B stuff these days — it’s evil mostly. 

     So that’s the plan, working these sites and adding one more content site. I’m thinking maybe Content Authority, or Elance? Will have to check it out. WIll have a two week wait after my first five articles at Textbroker, before I can work without stop. I estimate with all these different efforts, I could very well end up making about $1500-$2000/month fairly consistently. This is the goal. 

    I will still work one or two days lawn care likely, and make $1000/month, then add $2000, and will be making more money than ever. It always looks good on paper, then reality seems to get in the way, or the devil. 

    So far to date, in my near month long effort at this, I have amassed 50 articles which are now on the web somewhere. I have made my presence known. This doesn’t include the posts I have made in here. No-one really comes here, so if your reading this I’m surprised. I have had about 80 visitors here though in a months time. 

    That number will increase this month of December by about 4 times, so 200. I want to write about 100 for Text Broker, 30 for Allvoices, 50 for Bubblews, 15 for Hubpages, 10 for Yahoo!Contributors. That equals 205 actually. That’s the goal though, and if this is met I should be well on my way to making a living writing online. Yahoo! is a nice site and I want to write more for them, but they take so long to publish my articles! I don’t really even believe they ever will, but everyday I go and check to see. It’s only been about 11 days really for the article in there the longest, and they said 2 weeks, so I guess I’ll see soon enough. It isn’t going to be the main place I spend my effort, but for some articles, this is the place. Bubblews is like a small precise blog about some topic of choice. The format doesn’t invite serious effort, but more a casual conversation. This is a nice change, and I can interact with pieces that make people aware of social issues, leading them to the Lord Jesus in the end. Having some success there. 

    Allvoices is my first love at this point. I have now 30 articles there and about 11,000 views. I have made $4.98 so far. That’s what I made for November. This month I’m hoping to make about  $30, and from there about $150/month. All this with about 30 articles a month. It’s the best place for news stories I want to make people aware of. Just not the best place to make money. Could make some there though if I begin to get thousands of views on each report instead of 100s.

     Well, that about wraps up this post, hope it helped someone who is looking into the same things. Hope you believe in Jesus Christ above all things and are doing everything for His glory. That’s what matters, he is the one that gives life, and has control of where our eternal soul goes. With that, I’ll say good-bye wordpress blog.