Finding my Writing Voice again

Greetings in Jesus,

Hope this finds you well in Christ, if you don’t know Jesus, get started, life awaits.

I’ve been busy writing articles over at, where I am up to 18 articles now. They are all Bible based, bringing the Glory to God, but only in the last three have I been no holds barred. I realized that’s how I write the best, when I am passionate about the subject. I can’t hide the fact that I’m a Jesus Freak, and I don’t want to. That’s why I don’t fit in many places, even among Christians so called. But the friends I do have are the best you could ask for. I am blessed to have a loving wife who isn’t a Jezebell. Praise God, and my dog is great too.

I don’t really care if I make money or not as long as I can write the way I want to. If Allvoices liberal writers and founders can’t handle the view I espouse, then I’ll get suppressed or even booted out of the site. Yet maybe they truly are un-baised and will let me continue to write letting my success depend on my own quality. If that’s the case and God is in it with me, I can make money with my writing at Allvoices. I don’t care how many people say it’s a scam or you have to slave to make anything. Writing to me, isn’t work I care to complain about. It’s a privilege to be heard by so many. I mean I’ve had a total of about 3500 views so far in two weeks, just starting out. One your there for awhile, you can get about that many every article. There are about 30 writers who are in the top positions who get likely about 5000 views average per day. And with the top pay scale, they get an average of about 3.5 $ every thousand views. So that’s about $20/ day, or about $600/month. And there are about 15 there who likely make about 1200/month average. That’s not too bad. If I could make 1000 month I would write 70 hours a week, and feel good. Of course if the world hangs in there for awhile, I’ll start making more.

Check out my articles at, just search Lowdown0. Good night and God bless.