The Tower of Babel and Current Events in 2021

The world, as perceived through media outlets, has come closer than ever to the Biblical story of the tower of Babel, where Nimrod united the wicked a few generations after the flood and set out to build a tower unto the heavens. In essence, they were trying to be like gods, and this wicked scheme they had going was their pathway to darkness. God, having mercy, thwarted their plans and set them in a state of confusion by giving them different languages. With this barrier, their ability to work together was ruined and the tower idea abandoned, later Nimrod being killed by his grandfather Shem, Noah’s son. 

Remember the EU coin with the woman riding the beast, or the EU Parliament looking like the tower of babel? These should make us stop and wonder if this battle is truly spiritual or what. Alice Bailey being the UN’s main philosopher, along with Madam Blavatsky the Luciferian starting Lucifer’s Trust? They’ve since changed the name to Lucis Trust, something less obvious – shows we have at least some power left, imagine if we could see through these lies from Satan and his minions and see clearly that Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh is real and the truth. That is our secret weapon patriots.

I’m torn this election, the Jesuits have really outdone themselves. There are many ways this strange script could go, yet I guess the question is how much is organic and how much is orchestrated? See, most of the world thinks naively, as they are taught, that there is no orchestrated agenda by the world’s powerful elite families and people, rather, they have been conditioned into believing freedom and liberty in this world are inherently part of being human; little do they know how often humans have been enslaved beyond the agitation theme of the all too real slavery of Africans in early America, etc. Regardless, many people are waking up, as the script intends for them to, yet where they are being led is what I wonder about.

Part of me is loyal to the ideal qualities of America, as a veteran airman and person who loves this country, even the people who’ve been led astray down liberal pathways of insanity. At this point, most are realizing how insane we all are to wake up to this human nightmare before us each day. The other part of me sees through the Jesuit theater, the AntiChrist’s plot of deception and trickery stemming from the Vatican, and can’t muster up any loyalty to someone (Trump) who has been trained by Jesuits and absolutely loves the Catholics, as a supposed Protestant Presbyterian.

What would John Knox do Donald?

I’m resolved to be a Christian upmost, as well as to resist tyranny without compromise and to defend myself, loved ones, and community. Who wants to beg and submit to evil for a life where we are forced to take toxic vaccines and wear masks that damage our immune systems? No, some things are worse than death, like doing everything a bully tells you to do before they destroy you totally without conscience and throw you away without any respect. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. The good news is there is a better life on the other side with Jesus Christ. Live free and die free in Jesus Christ our Lord; For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (KJV).

Of course, the “attack” at the Capitol was staged, they want us to know this. We have to remember, whatever is allowed to be shown in the mass public realm (and controlled opposition) is placed there on purpose for a certain reason. This supposes, as I believe, that the entire control structure is using both sides with key influential political and media puppets (willing participants, extorted, blackmailed, sold out, and otherwise compromised), useful idiots, and those who just go along with the crowd out of fear and ignorance.

If I were Trump, I wouldn’t have called a rally to the Capitol on that day, as I would have figured the enemy would use it for a false flag. So, am I smarter than him? Or is he working for his Jesuit handler along with other clown actors such as Biden, Pelosi, etc.

Things just don’t add up. Are they trying to create a right-wing take over scenario with the military, or are they simply pulling all the loyal Trump supporters into a trap to identify them for persecution? Are these stories about the fraud coming from Italy and the Vatican arrests trying to show there is action by the Q factions, discrediting the idea that Trump is working for the Vatican.

Is something worth fighting over when it happens every single presidential election? I realize they are creating a life and death scenario in their theater room, yet is this really any different than the dangers before us before the media and liberal politicians went insane? What I’m saying is, while they are creating a convincing narrative about the necessity of action, including showing the obvious tactics of the Marxist left in bed with China, etc. That is the script, and has become the reality, yet is it any more the reality than the next reality show that is totally opposite? What happened to Ebola, Swine Flu, AIDS, war with Iran, dollar crash, etc.

Maybe, like the vaccine, the only major bad things that happen, are due to the ruling elite and their idiotic and insane agenda adopted by fallen angels coming to them as angels of light. These ministers of darkness gain power as those who are called by the name of Jesus become afraid and draw back from the Light of Jesus Christ, the Truth, because of deception, fear, and ignorance.

We must continue to welcome the Spirit of Truth in our lives and speak what it wills in our every moment. That is how we can share the truth and help people overcome these lies the media and acting politicians are speaking. Let us see through this show and not trust either side. Let us champion the banner of liberty and freedom from this world and the things in it. Let us find the old paths and foundations to build upon and get ready to be separated from this system built by wicked people merely to enslave us as godless fools like them.

Whatever the truth about what is going on now is, it does seem as though there is a coming choice for everyone, to either submit to every inhuman demand of the system or resist and don’t submit to any inhuman demand by the system and be separated and persecuted.

Really, the choice is easy for true Christians (going along is no choice), yet not if someone thinks this temporary existence is all there is. A largely godless world at this point thinks exactly this, which is why so many people are going along with wearing harmful facemasks and taking unproven experimental vaccines for the seasonal flu. Many will learn only when it is too late, people are already dying from this madness.
This is a twisted plot, very entertaining, yet with real consequences, like if that unarmed lady was really shot and killed at the Capitol on the day of Democrat and Antifa infamy — Jan. 6th, 2021.

We know the whole thing stinks, yet let us be aware of their possible motive of using the right-wing backlash they’ve instigated and provoked for a certain reason as part of their nefarious agenda against the Christians and patriots. They create the problem (liberal insanity, coronavirushoax), then come up with the solution (facemasks, lockdowns, bailouts, domestic terrorist, censorship, etc.), that ultimately gives them the control and results desired in the first place. Bravo, Jesuits, you have done it again, yet doesn’t it get old deceiving and being deceived? That question goes to the secret society people as well.

Come to the Light of Jesus Christ and enjoy life here while it lasts, and ensure enteral life in the future with a God that is love. As the wicked try to resurrect the Tower of Babel and confusion proliferates, we pray God’s will be done in America, that He protects all those who are innocent and those who are His, in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.

Originally published at The Lowdown Truth Jan. 11, 2021